Studio Project

For about the last fifteen years, my professional sound recording activities have predominantly been on location. I have recorded large orchestras, choral groups, chamber ensembles and soloists, at venues such as Sydney University Great Hall, St Andrew’s Cathedral, the City Recital Hall, and numerous school and church halls.

While I plan to continue these activities, nothing replaces a studio facility for projects that require prolonged and multiple sessions. I have had the space and recording equipment for some time, but not the funding to build a proper studio. That has changed now, and at the time of writing this letter, construction is beginning.

A lot of thought has been put into planning. I wanted a studio that would be well above average, having an environment conducive to creativity. The new studio will have a quality feel, comfortable lighting, air conditioning, and a professionally designed acoustic environment. It will also be equipped with fine instruments and state-of-the-art electronics.

A floor area of just over 40 square metres will provide an ideal space for groups of up to 25 people without feeling crowded. It is expected that studio sessions will usually consist of small groups of about six people, but having the extra space will eliminate that boxed-in feeling of most small studios.

Unlike many recording facilities that have black walls and curtains, with harsh spotlights and grubby carpeting, our studio will be furnished in warm, natural woodgrain and fabric finishes, with a polished timber floor and totally adjustable LED lighting. The control room will be equally well appointed, providing a comfortable working environment for producers, engineers and clients.

After more than 40 years working in the recording industry, I am glad now to be able to put all of the experience and insight I have gained over that time into what will be a unique, creative and productive studio. I am sure that many great recordings will be made here.

Malcolm J. Abel